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Could we really get ourselves to the point where we regard the cloud layer as our first, primary, default and de facto location for data? The answer is: yes, we do already... although perhaps not all of us have even realized it yet. When we do start to fully appreciate what the cloud computing layer of data storage and application services can really do for us, we will find ourselves almost ‘set free' from our previous notions of how we use the computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones that we regard as our most trusted devices today. How cloud just kind of happened Our user willingness to embrace the online (and therefore cloud-centric) world happened through a number of factors including: The popularity of webmail services from Hotmail to Gmail and onwards so that users understood they had to move online to engage. Better smartphone connection contracts so that... (more)

The Three-Point Big Data Analytics Action Plan By @ABridgwater | @BigDataExpo #BigData

We can reasonably break down the core imperatives of data analytics into three essential areas. Firms that wish to gain the full potential out of engaging in data analytics today are obliged to at least recognize these rudimentary cornerstones as the central building blocks of data intelligence: Prepare Model Automate By way of clarification, there are probably a whole lot more than three steps to consider here - but calling out this threesome is a prudent step in what (for many IT shops) are still early days with technologies such as Hadoop and its wider world of Big Data. Data ... (more)

Exploding Open Source — CIO Lessons from the Edge By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud #BigData

The combined notions of open source and the ‘community contribution' model of collaborative software application development are, of course, not new. The history of open source is actually traced back to early software exchanges between universities driven by academic principles of knowledge sharing in the 1960s. Sometime afterwards (August 25, 1991), Finnish computer scientist Linus Torvalds created Linux... and the rest is history. But this is not a history lesson; this is an examination of current realities. Formalization and codification We now have a variety of established fr... (more)

The Economics of Information Optimization | @CloudExpo #IoT #BigData #Microservices

We talk about optimization a whole lot. There's cloud workload optimization, there's mobile optimization for website presentation and there's every other type of optimization as we move through the ‘full stack' of information technology from the base logic layer all the way up to the Graphical User Interface (GUI). First, the race for power You get the picture, there's a lot of optimization going on - but this is a natural thing, i.e., we spent the end part of the last century trying to get more processing speed, better form factors for devices and cheaper memory and storage. W... (more)

Onions Have Layers, IT Transformation Has Layers By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud

It's a funny thing isn't it? Vendors like to talk about so-called IT transformation in the context of the general move toward new mobile, digital, virtualized, cloud-centric initiatives that take us to the new style of IT we can achieve in the promised land. The trouble with media commentary in this space is... we are too often guilty of being superficial. We look at the big picture without talking about the granular components of transformation. Heavy lifting in IT transformation The danger here is that we will engage in the ‘heavy-lifting' of IT transformation (i.e., a shift to... (more)