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The journey through IT transformation is an unstructured one, obviously. Fraught with perilous pitfalls and uncertainties for the faint hearted, the progression path toward decoupled, decentralized and essentially virtualized new IT frameworks is no walk in the park - hence the need for a guiding migration structure (and/or migration partner) to get from A to B (or more often, A to Z) in one piece. But the journey to IT transformation is also one of unstructured data, i.e., the need to be able to build (and successfully operate) database and application structures that have an inherent ability to work with new unstructured data streams is of paramount importance. Manifestations of unstructured-ness As we move to now engineer-in the unstructured data feeds that come from so-called Internet of Things devices and all the other forms of so-called Big Data into our IT tra... (more)

Onions Have Layers, IT Transformation Has Layers By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud

It's a funny thing isn't it? Vendors like to talk about so-called IT transformation in the context of the general move toward new mobile, digital, virtualized, cloud-centric initiatives that take us to the new style of IT we can achieve in the promised land. The trouble with media commentary in this space is... we are too often guilty of being superficial. We look at the big picture without talking about the granular components of transformation. Heavy lifting in IT transformation The danger here is that we will engage in the ‘heavy-lifting' of IT transformation (i.e., a shift to... (more)

Does Web Masking Kill Open Data? By @ABridgwater | @BigDataExpo #BigData

Does Web Masking Kill Open Data? Do the ‘darker' channels and means that exist for searching the web in anonymity ultimately spell doom for the wider march towards open data? So-called ‘open data' is supposed to be an instrument for breaking down information gaps across industries and letting companies share benchmarks and best practices that raise productivity - all information should be open and that should (theoretically) include granular data such as logs and users' usage of websites (within the boundaries set by reasonable privacy concerns) and so on. But a team of universi... (more)

Cloud & the Killer ‘Infinite Variety’ Factor By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud

The building processes inside the new mechanics of the cloud are difficult. There, we've said it - do we feel better now? Okay so maybe not so much difficult as such, but more complex in many cases... and definitely more varied. The ‘more varied' element here is simple to understand. Sometimes we will be looking to cloud-enable traditional workloads, while in many other instances we will be looking to create the next generation of so-called ‘cloud native' apps using the technologies that surround us today such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry or perhaps Docker. As in nature, it is i... (more)

We Don’t Need Smartwatches Anyway, Right? By @ABridgwater | @ThingsExpo #IoT

We Don't Need Smartwatches & Virtual Assistants Anyway, Right? There's a huge push within technology spheres right now to give us the users new things, obviously. So without making this commentary too personal, allow me to make a point. A colleague from the technology industry who shall remain nameless (hello Tom!) sent me a late night email asking if he should be concerned about not really wanting a smartwatch or getting caught up on the hype. He asked, "What killer app would I use on a smartwatch if I had one?" I thought about it and replied, well e-mailed basically. But as we kn... (more)