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The rise of Big Data and the monolithic systems that are now being built on increasingly cloud-based data models is a reality we cannot ignore. This reality has popularized discussions relating to the core component mechanics of many firms' IT stacks. Key among these technologies is ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning to afford it its full moniker. The term can be taken to be a relatively broad expression as it encompasses software applications that oversee the management of suppliers, customer service, order tracking and all manner of demand and supply-related indicators... ... or to put it more simply, ERP systems look after companies' "systems of record" data. "Indicators" being the operative word, as key performance indicators (KPIs) are used by organizations to appraise and evaluate the accomplishment and success of a particular business activity in which it ... (more)

Digital Blurring… and How to Survive It By @ABridgwater | @CloudExpo #Cloud

There's no point in Googling the term ‘digital blurring' because it doesn't really exist. Except that it does... and we all have a pretty good idea of what it means. The bad news is that there are several kinds of digital blurring going on. The good news is that they are all digital and so they are all characteristically of the same genus and species. Chief Digital Officer fragmentation-blur We see digital blurring currently distorting the boundaries between IT and the business function. As a result we find that firms are staring to create new ‘Chief Digital Officer' roles in an ... (more)

The CIO’s Critical Shift: This Might Hurt

Talk of so-called "sea change developments" and "paradigm shifts" has long been rife among the IT media and the web's wider technology commentary channels. Right now we're all talking about cloud, mobile empowerment (let's not forget the Bring Your Own Device tagline here) and virtualized computing resources as we re-align many of the mechanics that drive our collective IT resources. But does all this talk of "new compute models" leave us at risk of forgetting other large-scale departmental changes, which still have to be brought to bear by the CIO? I'm simply talking about sec... (more)

How Should CIOs View Their Content Management Systems?

Let's start with some acronym disambiguation. The term CMS can be used to denote Content Management Systems, Content Management Services, Change Management Systems or Configuration Management Systems in IT alone. Let alone the Calcutta Mathematical Society (it does exist, we checked) and the rather unpleasant sounding neuromuscular disorder Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. In this instance we are thankfully focusing on Content Management Systems only as our CMS of choice. The first problem with CMS technologies is that they are not like word processors and spread sheets, i.e., ev... (more)

The Mission-Critical Enterprise Is Getting Wider, Broader, Deeper

This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services It's a logical suggestion after all, i.e., that the mission-critical enterprise is getting wider. In truth, the mission-critical enterprise is getting wider, deeper, longer, broader and altogether bigger. But what does that mean? In practical terms we are stating that the "granular depth" of the mission-critical enterprise has increased in both overall external size and internal granular richness. Once again we need to ask, what does that really mean? Previously Unimaginable Externality In terms of... (more)