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This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services Transaction management is not just for technical geeks; it is very much a subject that ‘business suits' should be focused on. But should it be seen as a business issue for technologists or a technology issue for business people? Or doesn't it matter and should transaction management be a two-way street anyway? Sometimes called business transaction management or business transaction monitoring (both conveniently sitting under a BTM acronym), this is the activity of application transaction profiling and also what we also sometimes refer to as ‘user-defined' transaction profiling. For want of a formal definition: BTM has been described as that process aimed at detecting and resolving problems at the granular level of interactions between IT elements that form a business transaction (for... (more)

Is Detachable Hybrid Computing Our Next IT Paradigm?

This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services If you Google "detachable computing" today you will mostly get a selection of links relating to removable storage media. It's a trend that's slowly changing, but detachable computing is also coming closer to meaning the use of laptop devices that function and fully working laptops with a detachable screen that will serve as a tablet when needed. These devices are also known as detachable or hybrid or two-in-one PCs. This ‘trend' within the wider computing firmament has been reflected at various level... (more)

What Is Optimization Anyway?

This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services Good optimization best practice can help a CIO to lower operating costs, increase asset utilization and employee productivity Somewhere back in the mid-nineties we started talking about optimization (or optimisation if you prefer) as if it were some part of the de facto terminology that we use to create and describe the wider IT establishment and the architectural constructs it is composed of. But what on Earth was and is optimization anyway... and why is it important? The What Is pages at TechTarge... (more)

The Non-Analytics Company Is History

The fundamental mechanics of business have changed. Well, they haven't quite. The basic laws of supply and demand still govern the economic principles inside which firms in all industries bring goods and services to market inside a common monetary system on an international level. But a change has occurred and it is an information-driven shift. Our core accounting systems used to represent the motherlode of all company information. Onward from there... somewhere around the end of the last millennium we added so-called Customer Relationship Management to the corporate information ... (more)

Business Management 3.0 and the Data-Driven Workforce

This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services We talk a lot about so-called ‘business transformation', but what do we really mean by this expression and how does it change the way (as workers) now operate on the shop floor? Read any history of the industrial revolution and you will understand the massively impactful swings that our workplace went through from the 1800s through to the introduction of the automatic lathe around the turn of the last century. As ignominious and dull as it sounds in the age of the digital revolution, the arrival ... (more)